More publications added!

Some new DEDALE publications have been added!

4 new publications have been added to the DEDALE Products page on the following topics:

Land Classification Using Remotely Sensed Data: Going Multilabel


In this paper, DEDALE members investigate the multilabel classification paradigm for analysis satellite based imagery. Read more here

Effects of Matrix Completion on the Classification of Undersampled Human Activity Data Streams


Savvaki, G. Tsagkatakis and P. Tsakalides investigate the problem of classification of multiple time series in the presence of missing values. Read more here

Spectral Super-Resolution for Hyperspectral Images via Sparse Representations


DEDALE members K. Fotiadou, G. Tsagkatakis and P. Tsakalides investigate a learning technique is proposed for enhancing the spectral resolution via the sparse representations framework. Read more here

On graph-based feature selection for multi-hop performance characterization in industrial smart water networks


Athanasia Panousopoulou and Panagiotis Tsakalides examine how graph-based feature level fusion can be employed for characterizing the performance of unstructured, self-organized networks that convey complex information in industrial environments. Read more here