Title Authors Year Download
Anisotropic Multiscale Systems on Bounded Domain P. Grohs, G. Kutyniok, J. Ma, P. Petersen, M. Raslan 2015 PDF
CMB reconstruction from the WMAP and Planck PR2 data J. Bobin, F. Sureau, J.-L. Starck 2016 PDF
Multi-band morpho-Spectral Component Analysis Deblending Tool (MuSCADeT): Deblending colourful objects R. Joseph, F. Courbin, J.-L. Starck 2016 PDF
Land Classification Using Remotely Sensed Data: Going Multilabel K. Karalas, G. Tsagkatakis, M. Zervakis, P. Tsakalides 2016 PDF
High Resolution Weak Lensing Mass-Mapping Combining Shear and Flexion F. Lanusse, J.-L. Starck, A. Leonard, S. Pires 2016 PDF
Constraint matrix factorization for space variant PSFs field restoration F. M. Ngole Mboula, J.-L. Starck, K. Okomura, J. Amiaux, P. Hudelot 2016 PDF
On graph-based feature selection for multi-hop performance characterization in industrial smart water networks A. Panousopoulou, P. Tsakalides 2016 PDF
A Haar Wavelet-Based Perceptual Similarity Index  for Image Quality Assessment R. Reisenhofer, S. Bosse, G. Kutyniok, T. Wiegand 2016 PDF
Sparsity and inverse problems in astrophysics J.-L. Starck 2016 PDF
Singular spectrum-based matrix completion for time series recovery and prediction G. Tsagkatakis, B. Befefull-Lozano, P. Tsakalides 2016 PDF
Effects of Matrix Completion on the Classification of Undersampled Human Activity Data Streams S. Savvaki, G. Tsagkatakis, A. Panousopoulou, P. Tsakalides 2016 PDF
Spectral Super-Resolution for Hyperspectral Images via Sparse Representations K. Fotiadou, G. Tsagkatakis, P. Tsakalides 2016 PDF
Structured, compactly supported Banach frame decompositions of decompo-sition spaces F. Voigtlaender 2016 PDF
Optimal Approximation with Sparsely Connected Deep Neural Networks H. Bolcskei, P. Grohs, G. Kutyniok, P. Petersen 2017 PDF
Space variant deconvolution of galaxy survey images S. Farrens, F. M. Ngole Mboula, J.-L. Starck 2017 PDF
Unsupervised feature-learning for galaxy SEDs with denoising autoencoders J. Frontera-Pons, F. Sureau, J. Bobin, E. Le Floc'h 2017 PDF
L1-Analysis Minimization and Generalized (Co-)Sparsity: When Does Recov-ery Succeed? M. Genzel, G. Kutyniok, M. März 2017 PDF
Recovering Structured Data From Superimposed Non-Linear Measurements M. Genzel, P. Jung 2017 PDF
Compressed sensing for finite-valued signal S. Keiper, G. Kutyniok, D. G. Lee, G.E. Pfander 2017 PDF
Shearlet-based compressed sensing for fast 3D cardiac MR imaging usingiterative reweighting J. Ma, M. März, S. Funk, J. Schulz-Menger, G. Kutyniok, T. Schaeffter, C. Kolbitsch 2017 PDF
PSF field learning based on Optimal Transport Distances F. M. Ngole Mboula, J.-L. Starck 2017 PDF
Sparse Reconstruction of the Merging A520 Cluster System A. Peel, F. Lanusse, J.-L. Starck 2017 PDF
Optimal approximation of piecewise smooth functions using deep ReLU neu-ral networks P. Petersen, F. Voigtlaender 2017 PDF
A Distributed Learning Architecture for Big Imaging Problems in Astrophysics A. Panousopoulou, S. Farrens, Y. Mastorakis, J.-L. Starck, P. Tsakalides 2017 PDF
Wasserstein Dictionary Learning: Optimal Transport-based unsupervisednon-linear dictionary learning M. Schmitz, M. Heitz, N. Bonneel, F. M. Ngole Mboula, D. Coeurjolly, M. Cuturi, G. Peyré, J.-L. Starck 2017 PDF
Analysis vs. synthesis sparsity for α-shearlets F. Voigtlaender, A. Pein 2017 PDF
A general version of Price’s theorem F. Voigtlaender 2017 PDF
Compressed Sensing for Analog Signa B. G. Bodmann, A. Flinth, G. Kutyniok 2018 PDF
Robust 1-Bit Compressed Sensing via Hinge Loss Minimization M. Genzel, A. Stollenwerk 2018 PDF
The Mismatch Principle: Statistical Learning Under Large Model Uncertain-ties M. Genzel, G. Kutyniok 2018 PDF
Improving Weak Lensing Mass Map Reconstructions using Gaussian andSparsity Priors: Application to DES SV N. Jeffrey et al. 2018 PDF
A Distributed Learning Architecture for Scientific Imaging Problems A. Panousopoulou, S. Farrens, K. Fotiadou, A. Woiselle, G. Tsagkatakis, J.-L. Starck, P. Tsakalides 2018 PDF
Representation learning for automated spectroscopic redshift estimation J. Frontera-Pons, F. Sureau, B. Moraes, J. Bobin, F. B. Abdalla 2018 PDF
Learning sparse representations on the sphere F. Sureau, F. Voigtlaender, M. Wust, J.-L. Starck, G. Kutyniok 2018 PDF



DEDALE Software Repository

Code Description Language
alpha-transform Adaptive shearlet transform package Python 3
bGMCA Large scale sparse blind source separation using blocks Python
Distributed Learning Toolbox Python toolbox for distributed sparsity-based learning architectures Python
rca Resolved Component Analysis Python 2
Sc_Denoising.m Galaxy spectrum denoising script Matlab
SPSR.m Spectral super resolution of hyperspectral images script Matlab
Spectrophotometric Galaxy Simulations Simulation scripts for photometric and spectroscopic galaxy properties Python



DEDALE Data Repository

File Description Size Documentation
cmb_iqu_maps.tar.gz CMB maps of Stokes I, Q & U parameters with thermal dust emission 2.1 GB PDF
cmb_cart_maps.tar.gz CMB Cartesian maps 17 MB PDF
colour_images.tar.gz Safran Colour Images 11.9 MB PDF
UCL FTP Simulated Galaxy Spectra and Photometry 80 GB Documentation