DEDALE Final Review

DEDALE Final Review

Date: 13-14 November 2018

Venue: CEA, Saclay (Directions)

Materials: Agenda

NOTE: The review preparation on the 13th will take place at NeuroSpin. In order to enter the building you will need to bring a valid form of identification. You can get to NeuroSpin by following the same directions given above for getting to the astrophysics department but simply getting off the bus two stops later at "Mare du Vivier - CEA Porte Sud". NeuroSpin is the first building past the gate on the right and the main entrance is on the opposite side of the building. The review on the 14th will take place in the Department of Astrophysics (DAp) in the Cassini room (first room on the left of the ground floor) see directions above for how to arrive via public transport.

The final project review will take place at CEA-Saclay on the 14th of November. A proposal for the review agenda will be made by SF and JLS, which will be submitted to the project officer. Once this has been accepted, the agenda will be made available on the DEDALE website. On the 13th of November we will have a preparation day to go through each of the presentations and sort out any remaining issues.

The current plan is to prepare two-part presentations for the majority of the work packages. The first half will be a general overview of the WP objectives and accomplishments. This should cover all WP activities with minimal technical detail. The second half of the presentation will be a more in-depth description of one highlight activity from the WP presented by someone involved in the work.

Social Dinner


A social dinner will take place on the evening of the 14th to celebrate the end of the project.



A list of hotels near CEA can be found here.