EUSIPCO 2017 Special Session A DEDALE paper on "A Distributed Learning Architecture for Big Imaging Problems in Astrophysics" will be presented during a special session on "Machine And Signal Learning For Big Data" (SS13) at the EUSIPCO 2017 meeting in Kos. The full technical programme is available here.

EUSIPCO 2017 Special Session

CEA News Article An article describing the DEDALE project has been released in a recent newsletter. Click below to find out more! Link to article

CEA News Article

New project video! A new video highlighting some of the project activities currently being carried out at FORTH has been uploaded to the About page. Have a look below to find out about these exciting developments.

New project video!

DEDALE Tutorial Day Date: 16th November 2016 Venue: Copernic Room - CEA, Saclay Agenda | Participants Given the multidisciplinary nature of DEDALE, many of the project members have diverse backgrounds and different areas of expertise. The tutorial day will provide an opportunity for younger researchers to learn some new skills and concepts from fields different from their own. The […]

DEDALE Tutorial Day

HaarPSI A Haar Wavelet-Based Perceptual Similarity Index for Image Quality Assessment The authors Sebastian Bosse, Gitta Kutyniok, Rafael Reisenhofer, and Thomas Wiegand introduce with the Haar wavelet-based perceptual similarity index (HaarPSI) a novel and easy-to-compute similarity measure for full reference image quality assessment, which in addition achieves higher correlations with human opinion scores than state-of-the-art full […]


Boundary Shearlets With the introduction of boundary shearlets, the authors Philipp Grohs, Gitta Kutyniok, Jackie Ma, and Philipp Petersen resolve the long-open problem of developing an anisotropic multiscale system on bounded domains , which form frames for and , exhibit vanishing moments, provide optimal sparse approximation for functions that are smooth apart from a curve-like […]

Boundary Shearlets